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I have finished setting up and securing the PvP All Day forums. You may now register to talk and discuss the many aspect of Aion Online. PvP All Day’s Supported Streamers have created accounts as well to that you may message and chat with them on the forums in many topics. This way you can get great information, tips, and tricks from none other than some of the best players in the game! Hope you all enjoy the forums! Let me know if you guys have any suggestions for the site or the forums!

Check out the forums at www.pvpallday.com/forum

GG Y’all


Hey Guys!

We now have 9 streamers participating in our Supported Stream Program!

  • Wtfast – A Siel Server Elyos Templar
  • Zeromi – A NA Kahrun Server Asmodian Gladiator
  • Mufflerman – A NA Kahrun Server Elyos Ranger
  • Not Aion – The Private Server, Not Aion, Official Stream
  • Vinlock – A NA Tiamat Server Elyos Cleric named Calm and Sorcerer Ciicii
  • Logisticx – A NA Siel Server Elyos Assassin named Anasha
  • Efxes – A NA Tiamat Server Asmodian Assassin.
  • Valorium – A NA Kahrun Server Gladiator
  • Kuragari – A EU Kromede Server Assassin named Hydrogen and Sorcerer named Kuragari


How do I become a streamer?



As many of the current NA players may already know, around 50-100 players per server have gotten banned with no reason nor e-mail of why on April 9th, 2013. NCSoft has not released any information regarding this ban wave either. It does seem like we will all have to sit and wait until NCSoft gives us an explanation of what is going on. The ban wave may have took out some known hackers/botters/RMTers although it has also taken out very many innocent players that do not even have the resources to acquire hacks/bots/RMT, as well as others that are widely known to play a legit game. I am not saying this is 100% true, although there has never been any suspicion upon many of these players as well as no reason for there to be.

If this ban wave is permanent then NA servers seem to have a great change coming to them, and it does not seem like a good one at all. April 9th, 2013 was a very sad day for NA Aion players as many friends accounts were banned as well as very important people to their respective servers. Hopefully soon NCSoft will let us know why this has happened and if the bans are permanent or temporary as well. The only information I have dug up is a rumor that the NCWest Seattle office will be moving to California, although this is NOT confirmed information, only a rumor at the current time.

If you guys have any information on what has happened please comment here or e-mail me at vin@vinlock.net.

GG Y’all.

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Thanks to this 4.0 Bard Video, they provided some information on the 4.0 Bard Skills in Aion.

Bard Stigma Builds

Bard 4.0 Skills List (PDF)


- Vin

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Hey Guys!

We now have three Twitch.tv streamers that are sponsored by PvP All Day.com:

  • Zeromi, an Asmodian Gladiator from NA Kahrun in the legion <No Engrish We Korea>.
  • Hydrogen, an Asmodian Assassin from the EU Server Kromede who also plays a sorcerer named Kuragari.
  • Vinlock, aka Calm, an Elyos Cleric from the NA Server Tiamat.

Check out their streams for some fun to watch and educational Aion PvP and some PvE too~!

How do I become a streamer?

E-Mail us at admin@pvpallday.com answering the following questions and we will check out your stream to find out if you are eligible to be come a streamer!

  • Main In-Game Name:
  • In-Game Race:
  • Main Class:
  • Lvl 60 Alt Classes (if any):
  • Current Server:
  • Original Server:
  • How often do you stream?
  • Do you tend to narrate your stream or just play?
  • How long have you played Aion for?
  • Link to your stream.
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